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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Lawmakers consider changes to Maine's Clean Election law, Florida offers a big no comment over "arranged" migrant flights to California, and the Global Fragility Act turns U.S. peacekeeping on its head.

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A bipartisan effort aims to preserve AM radio, the Human Rights Campaign declares a state of emergency for LGBTQ+ people, and the Atlanta City Council approves funding for a controversial police training center.

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Oregon may expand food stamp eligibility to some undocumented households, rural areas have a new method of accessing money for roads and bridges, and Tennessee's new online tool helps keep track of cemetery locations.

Juvenile Justice

Illinois had almost 1,000 juveniles incarcerated in adult correctional facilities in 2021, at an annual cost of almost $33 million, according to a Human Rights for Kids report. (napatacha/Adobe Stock)
IL Lawmakers Pass Bill to Prevent Unfair Youth Sentencing

Illinois could soon be the fourth state to pass a law to prevent unfair youth sentencing. The legislation encourages criminal courts to recognize …

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At the end of 2022, there were 4,524 Arkansas children in foster care, a decrease of 7% from the previous year, according to the State of Arkansas House of Representatives.<br />(Valerii Honcharuk/Adobe Stock)
Helping Arkansas Foster Youth Succeed as Adults

May is National Foster Care Month and in Arkansas, the number of foster youths near adulthood has dropped slightly, according to a new report…

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Kinship-care placements with relatives and close friends increased from 14% in 2006 to 22% in 2021 according to the Fostering in Youth Transitions 2023 report. (Pressmaster/Adobe Stock)
Report: Older Foster Youths Lean Toward Higher Ed

Children who stay in foster care beyond age 18 are likely to pursue higher education, according to the Fostering in Youth Transitions 2023 report by …

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More Washington youths were in foster care on their 19th birthday in 2021 than in 2015. (Dind's_Project/Adobe Stock)
Report Examines Foster Youths' Transitions to Adulthood

The number of foster youths near adulthood has dropped slightly in Washington state, according to a new report. The Annie E. Casey Foundation …

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For the first time since 1998, the State of Illinois has updated the County Detention Standards for juvenile detention centers to reflect current best practices. (Adobe Stock)
Officials Hold First-Ever Review of IL Pretrial Juvenile Detention System

Attorneys, state employees and juvenile justice reform advocates will gather virtually Friday to receive updates on county pretrial juvenile …

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A yearlong study of the use of seclusion and restraint in U.S. schools found that some states track both, some track only the use of restraint, and some track neither.  (Adobe Stock)
MO Schools' Seclusion, Restraint Incidents Shared for First Time

Missourians can now see how often their schools use seclusion and restraint to address student behavior. A 2021 law requires that schools report …

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According to the National Institute of Justice, childhood abuse or neglect raises the chance of juvenile arrest by 59%. In South Dakota, advocates say that's why it's important to provide more mental health providers to children and young adults so they can avoid entering the juvenile justice system. (Adobe Stock)
Reducing Effects of Childhood Trauma Tied to SD's Juvenile-Justice Efforts

South Dakota has been looking at ways to improve the state's juvenile-justice system. Recommendations could be considered in the new legislative …

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The State of Utah used some of its COVID-19 pandemic relief funding to build the internet infrastructure needed for the higher-ed program in its juvenile justice facilities. (Adobe Stock)
College Courses Show Benefits for Incarcerated Youth in UT

Utah is one of a few states where juveniles behind bars can earn college credit. Utah's Higher Education for Incarcerated Youth program lets young …

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Legislators are expected to introduce bills in the upcoming session to ban pretextual stops and consent searches. (Dusanpetkovic1/Adobestock)
Data on CA Police Stops Confirms Continuing Racial Disparities

Black teenagers ages 15 to 17 are six times more likely to be searched by police compared with their white counterparts, according to a report from …

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According to the <a href=Brennan Center for Justice, pretrial detainees make up more than 70% of the U.S. jail population - about 536,000 people - and many are there only because they cannot afford bail. (Adobe Stock)">
Report: Nebraska Needs to Rethink Court Fines, Bail System

Some Nebraska judges are failing to follow state laws related to cash bail, court fees and court fines, according to a two-year study in Douglas and …

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Backers of the Workers' Rights Amendment, approved by voters in 2022, say it will put an end to the existing gaps and exclusions in labor laws by guaranteeing union rights for all Illinois workers. (WH_pics/Adobe Stock)
New Year Brings Wide Variety of New Illinois State Laws

It's a new year, and more than 180 new laws are going into effect, which Illinoisans need to know about. The 2022 General Assembly passed bills …

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By diverting juveniles away from detention, Redeploy Illinois estimates it has saved the state $158 million, tax money that would have otherwise been spent on incarceration costs. (gorodenkoff/Adobe Stock)
Redeploy Illinois: A Model for Juvenile Justice Reform

Redeploy Illinois is a community-based alternative to incarceration, which keeps kids in their home communities. For decades, most youthful …

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