Saturday, March 25, 2023


Georgia prepares for the end of COVID-19 emergency; comment period open for experimental nuclear tech in eastern ID; Mexican gray wolf population rebounds in Arizona.


Lawmakers grill the CEO of Tik Tok over national security concerns, the House Pro-Choice Caucus aims to repeal the Helms Act and allow U.S. foreign aid to support abortion care, and attempts to ban or restrict books hit a record high as groups take aim at LBGTQ+ titles.


Finding childcare is a struggle everywhere, prompting North Carolina's Transylvania County to try a new approach. Maine is slowly building-out broadband access, but disagreements remain over whether local versus national companies should get the contracts, and specialty apps like "Farmers Dating" help those in small communities connect online.


A new report shows how at least 75 cities and towns have successfully blocked new dollar store projects, claiming the stores engage in predatory practices. (Pixabay)

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Report: Chain 'Dollar Stores' Harmful Communities

Dollar-store chains are rapidly growing across the country, with more locations than McDonald's, Starbucks, Target and Walmart combined, according to …

In the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 federal legislation provided states with significant funding to ensure continuous Medicaid coverage of individuals enrolled in the program. But that is ending. (Pixabay)
FL Group Works to Keep Eligible People on Medicaid

As Florida "unwinds" from the COVID-19 public health emergency and returns its Medicaid program to pre-pandemic rules, there's a possibility that …

The Employee Organizations Representing Public Employees Bill would change how union dues and fees are collected for some public employees in Florida. (Pixabay)
Could Legislation Targeting Public-Sector Unions Threaten Academic Freedom?

Union leaders and public-sector workers say bills advancing in the Florida Legislature, if passed, will strip them of their representation and could …

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has said he would sign a proposed six-week abortion ban into law if it gets to his desk. (Pixabay)
'Scary Times,' as FL Republicans Propose 6-Week Abortion Ban

On the opening day of Florida's legislative session, Republican lawmakers filed bills in the House and Senate to ban abortions after six weeks…

The 2023 regular session of the Florida Legislature begins Tues., March 7. There are Republican supermajorities in both the Florida House and Senate. (Matt Johnson/Wikimedia Commons)
Floridians Want Lawmakers to End Culture Wars, Focus On 'People's Budget'

Florida's legislative session - which begins Tuesday - has already made headlines as a conservative majority pitches bills to expand gun rights…

Wasted food represents roughly 10% of global greenhouse-gas emissions, nearly four times larger than global airline industry emissions, according to the World Wildlife Fund. (Pixabay)
Turning K-12 'Cafeterias into Classrooms' to Address Food Waste

Students in the Orlando area could soon get more classroom time during their lunchtime, to learn more about ways to fight hunger and food waste…

Florida legislators are advancing bills to remove some concealed-carry requirements, despite opposition from Democrats, gun-safety advocates, some law-enforcement officers and university students who say they're concerned it would lead to more gun violence. (Pixabay)
FL Looks to Expand Concealed-Carry Rights, Regardless of Concerns

In a Republican supermajority, Florida lawmakers are advancing bills that would remove mandatory training and fees to carry concealed weapons…

A pandemic-era law that helped keep children and families continuously with health-insurance coverage will lift gradually starting on April 1. (Pixabay)
FL Could See Spike in Child Uninsured Rate if Health Emergency Ends

As federal pandemic health emergency protections are set to expire starting in April, child advocates are concerned the program that kept Florida's …

In partnership with the Charles and Margery Barancik Foundation, New College of Florida offers free writing worships to high school students preparing for college. (Pixabay)
Free Essay Workshops Aim to Support Students on Path to Higher Ed

The college admissions process can be both expensive and stressful for students, but a free program at New College of Florida aims to demystify the …

Eye-care professionals say limiting screen time before bedtime, using blue light-blocking filters on your devices, and wearing blue light-blocking glasses can all help protect from potential health risks. (Pixabay)
Blue Light Exposure: Understanding the Risks

With the increasing use of digital devices and computers in daily life, we're all exposed to more and more blue light. They may be convenient and …

Studies show a variety of dental conditions such as untreated decay and tooth loss can cause a profound impact on self-esteem in adolescents. (pixabay)
Oral Hygienist Highlights Dangers of Dental Disorders in Children

Dental hygienists are trying to raise awareness about the importance of oral hygiene, noting dental pain is one of the most common reasons for school …

Last year, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation dubbed the
AP African American Studies Course Blocked in FL Schools

The administration of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has rejected plans to expand an Advanced Placement African American Studies course for high schools…


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