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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Lawmakers consider changes to Maine's Clean Election law, Florida offers a big no comment over "arranged" migrant flights to California, and the Global Fragility Act turns U.S. peacekeeping on its head.

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A bipartisan effort aims to preserve AM radio, the Human Rights Campaign declares a state of emergency for LGBTQ+ people, and the Atlanta City Council approves funding for a controversial police training center.

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Oregon may expand food stamp eligibility to some undocumented households, rural areas have a new method of accessing money for roads and bridges, and Tennessee's new online tool helps keep track of cemetery locations.

New Mexico

The phenomenon called summer learning loss is notable in countries with lengthy breaks, including the United States and Canada. (AdobeStock/

Monday, June 5, 2023

NM's Schoolchildren Get Help Through 'Make Summer Fair' Program

Summer, with its 90-day break from school, can be fun but also a challenge for New Mexico's rural kids who rely on school for companionship and meals…

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Fossil research suggests the oldest chile pepper specimen may be from the Southwest, and not South America as originally believed. (R. Deanna/University of Colorado)
NM Chile Peppers Likely Millions of Years Older Than Previously Thought

New research shows ancient chili peppers were likely growing in Southwestern states like New Mexico millions of years earlier than previously thought…

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It's estimated a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday could remove federal protection from 80% of streams in the southwestern states. (USGS)
SCOTUS Narrows 50-Year-Old Clean Water Act, Affecting NM Rivers

Thursday's U.S. Supreme Court ruling making it harder for the federal government to enforce clean-water rules has New Mexico environmental groups …

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The New Mexico Legislature passed a bill this year to provide free IDs for individuals experiencing homelessness. (Seventyfour/AdobeStock)
Study: New Mexico Homelessness Up Nearly 50% in 2023

Rent for New Mexicans has increased 70% since 2017, while wages have only grown by 15%, which is one factor pushing more people into homelessness…

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PFAS, the chemicals contained in firefighting foam, are known to be toxic and affect ground and drinking water at many current and former military installations. (jana/Adobe Stock)
Analysis: DoD's PFAS Spending Not Enough to Fix Escalating Backlog

New Mexico has eight military sites with known or suspected discharges of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances or PFAS, also known as "forever …

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It is estimated about one-third of New Mexico's more than 120 threatened and endangered species occur in the Gila region, including the Mexican grey wolf, Gila trout and Mexican spotted owl. (Photo courtesy of Raquel Madrigal)
New Mexico Mural Art Features Endangered Species, Migration Themes

The Village of Doña Ana is New Mexico's oldest federally designated settlement, and about to be the newest destination for public art. The …

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The American Geosciences Institute says the enormous size of the oil and gas industry results in huge volumes of oil and produced water, which lead to thousands of spills every year. (Photo courtesy of WildEarth Guardians)
NM Environmentalists: New Rules, Same Spills at State's Oilfields

Environmentalists and citizens in New Mexico believe the state agency charged with overseeing oil and gas activity is not doing enough to enforce rule…

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A one-day food drive sponsored by the National Association of Letter Carriers (AFL-CIO) has delivered more than 1.82 billion pounds of food in the past 30 years. (Courtesy Roadrunners)
'Stamp Out Hunger' Food Drive Returns to New Mexico Saturday

One in five children in New Mexico is at risk of hunger, and this weekend you can make a difference. Hunger-relief organizations are promoting the …

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The percentages of high-school students who say they often feel
NM Parents Encouraged to Know When Kids Need Mental Health Intervention

More behavioral-health providers may be enticed to move to New Mexico after a bill passed by the Legislature this year made treatment for behavioral h…

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New Mexico's 482,000 acres of wetlands are aided by the beaver, a keystone species, in creating new habitat that can support a myriad of birds and amphibians. (dfikar/Adobestock)
New Mexico's Drinking Water in Crosshairs of Sackett v. EPA

A favorable ruling in a case before the U.S. Supreme Court challenging the federal Clean Water Act could remove protections nationwide, and affect 90%…

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The two-year COVID-19 pandemic forced many public school children to attend their classes remotely via internet. (Kawee/Adobe Stock)
ABQ Bus Driver, Others Praised for COVID Response at Testy D.C. Hearing

The American Federation of Teachers president was grilled in Congress on Wednesday about the union's response to the coronavirus pandemic - but manage…

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In the ancient world, letters were written on a variety of materials including metal, pottery fragments, animal skin and papyrus. (Serhiy Hipskyy/Adobe Stock)<br />
Sharpen Your Pencil – It's National Letter-Writing Month

If not for the colonial postal system, newcomers to the frontier soon to be known as New Mexico would not have kept up with relatives to the south in …

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