Sunday, February 5, 2023


Ohio governor calls for investments in education, child well-being; UT tribes urge lawmakers to pass a bill ensuring protections for Native kids; body positivity movement helps improve body image and alleviate shame.


Rep. Ilhan Omar was ousted from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the Inspector General testified on PPP loan fraud, and House Democrats discussed the Ensuring Women's Right to Reproductive Freedom Act.


Is bird flu, inflation or price gouging to blame for astronomical egg prices? Pregnancy can be life-changing or life-ending depending on where you live, and nine tribal schools are transforming their outdoor spaces into community gathering areas.


Rural hospitals in Medicaid expansion states are 62% less likely to close, in large part because expansion reduces the burden of uncompensated care, when patients without insurance can't pay for services. (Adobe Stock)

Monday, January 30, 2023

Lawmakers Consider Expanding Health Coverage for 19,000 Workers

A bill that would expand Medicaid coverage for some 19,000 Wyoming workers who earn too much to qualify for standard Medicaid, but can't afford …

Senate File 40 aims to hold federal and state political action committees to the same standards. (Adobe Stock)
Wyoming Legislature Tackles Election Integrity

Election integrity has emerged as a top concern for Wyoming lawmakers gathered in Cheyenne, but it remains unclear what priorities will emerge from …

Nearly one in five new mothers participating in Wyoming's Medicaid Pregnant Women Program lose their health insurance 60 days after giving birth. (Adobe Stock)
WY Lawmakers Consider Extended Health Coverage for New Moms

New mothers in Wyoming enrolled in the Medicaid Pregnant Women Program lose their health insurance 60 days after giving birth, but a new bill making …

Billionaire wealth has increased by $2.7 billion per day, while more than 1.7 billion people live in countries where their wages, adjusted for inflation, have declined. (Adobe Stock)
Report: Rich Got Richer, Workers Left Behind During Pandemic

The world's richest 1% took home almost twice as much wealth as the bottom 99% combined during the pandemic, according to a new Oxfam International …

In the fall of 2020, among four-year universities and community colleges nationwide, male freshmen enrollment declined 1.3%, while female freshmen enrollment fell 3.2%. (Adobe Stock)
Wyoming Bucks National Trend of Women Stopping Out of Higher Education

Wyoming has managed to buck a national trend which has seen female students opting out of college at more than twice the rate of males since 2020…

Evanstonís Historic Roundhouse and Railyards, constructed by Union Pacific Railroad in 1912-1914, was refurbished by the city in 2009 as a public facility. (Mary Humstone)
Historic Restoration Called More Sustainable Than New Construction

A changing climate is prompting many developers to consider how their work can be more sustainable, and how they can produce housing, retail and …

Researchers followed all 26 elk herds that call the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem home, tapping data from 1,088 GPS-collared elk. (Adobe Stock)
Third of Yellowstone Elk Habitat Not Protected from Development

More than a third of all known elk habitat in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem remains wide-open for human development, according to new analysis …

Last March, Wyoming lawmakers passed a law that would ban abortions in most cases if the U.S. Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe v. Wade, which the high court did in June. (Adobe Stock)
Wyoming Supreme Court Sends Suit Over Abortion Ban Back to District

The Wyoming Supreme Court has decided it will not weigh in on a lawsuit that has temporarily halted a ban on abortions in the state. Citing a state …

In the first three quarters of 2022, 24 oil and gas companies made more than $343 billion, a 126% increase from the same time period in 2021. (Adobe Stock)
Big Oil Kept Gas Prices High as Crude Oil Prices Dropped

After the price of crude oil plummeted to $75 a barrel, which marked the lowest price since December of last year, big oil companies kept consumer …

The AARP Fraud Watch Network is a free resource that equips consumers with up-to-date knowledge to spot and avoid scams, and connects those targeted by scams with fraud helpline specialists who provide support and guidance on what to do next. (Adobe Stock)
Ways to Avoid Scammers During Holiday Shopping Season

A new AARP Fraud Watch Network report is putting a spotlight on how criminals are targeting holiday shoppers this year in hopes of separating them fr…

Industry groups are betting that limiting methane waste at oil and gas operations will help keep natural gas competitive as consumers demand cleaner sources of energy. (Adobe Stock)
Methane Air-Pollution Proposal Taps Wyoming Technologies

A new federal plan to reduce harmful air pollution by limiting methane waste at oil and gas facilities taps proven strategies already at work in opera…

Biologists say there is ample natural winter range for Wyoming's elk populations without continued use of controversial winter feedgrounds. (Adobe Stock)
Getting Priorities on Track to Foster Healthy Elk Populations

After receiving input from stakeholders earlier this year, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has released a list of priorities guiding its initial …


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